Industrial Growth

KAL Capital’s professionals have advised some of the fasting growing industrial companies as they often have a myriad of challenges and opportunities which require a unique perspective. 

In many cases the key to success is how to capitalize a business properly as new innovations or technologies propel the business forward. In some cases, debt or equity capital needs to be sourced, and our professionals have relationships with private investors who are interested in deploying on a control and non-control basis. In other cases, the company may be so disruptive or further along the growth curve that a large multi-national industrial consolidator becomes a full exit partner. 

No matter the case, our professionals have the ability to understand and communicate how a private company’s break through can rapidly shift competitive dynamics within large industrial markets forcing incumbents to react.



    •  Additive Manufacturing
    • Advanced Materials & Manufacturing
    • Renewables & Clean Energy
    • Industrial Automation
    • Healthcare Technologies
    • Communication Networks & Software
    • Security, Screening & Systems Integration
    • Consumer Products for Mass Markets



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