KAL Capital is a specialized investment banking firm that provides advisory services to entrepreneurs with privately held companies owned in conjunction with close partners or family members. Additionally, private equity fund managers rely on advice from the professionals with KAL Capital as they deploy capital, execute an investment thesis and contemplate timing on a liquidity event. 

Our professionals are well known for the three fundamentals they base their advice on.  

"Optimize Strategy, Execute Relentlessly and Exceed Expectations."

Our Clientele

Revenue Size: $10 to $250 million

Profitability: Break-even to $25 million

Ownership: Private, Closely Held, Family and Institutional

Where Our Mission Starts

All of our business is relationship-focused but our involvement normally begins in the following ways:

In-Bound Interest:  The client continuously receives unsolicited interest from buyers but is focused on running the business so requires professional resources to explore, qualify and understand options.

Opportunistic:  The business has been funded solely by the founders, it has experienced rapid growth and the outlook is very robust.  The founders would like to get partial or full liquidity to secure a return on investment.

Retirement or Transition:  The owner is looking to retire and desires to have an orderly and efficient exit to fund the retirement.  An entrepreneur is ready to embark on a new endeavor and needs a liquidity event to fund the new investment. 


Sell-Side Advisory:  Interface with the market, communicate value proposition, create options and maximize value.

Buy-Side Advisory:  Focused on sourcing privately held companies for acquisition by an investor or consolidator. 

Debt & Equity Capital Raising Advisory:  Accessing private sources of debt and equity capital for private or closely held companies.

Merchant Banking:  On a selected basis, KAL Capital will partner with its network of high-net worth individuals, comprised of the firm's clientele, to acquire minority and majority stakes in private companies, bringing access to expertise in addition to the capital. 


Investment Banking Services and Securities offered through KAL Capital, Member FINRA/SIPC.

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